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Win Box has been a Tampa Favorite since 2012. The Coco's Team, in partnership with All About Food Trucks - Tampa, has recently entered into an Operating Agreement with Wing Box owner, Joe King, to re-launch the truck. With a renewed focus and a couple of menu additions, we are excited to share Wing Box with all of you!


Fresh, Never Frozen

There's just something different in the way fresh, bone-in wings hit when they've never seen the inside of a freezer. Our Jumbo wing sections are bought fresh, brined overnight, fried to perfection, and tossed in your favorite sauce!


Clean, Professional, On Time

Food Trucks have arrived to the Central Florida Market and they are here to stay! Our truck is ready to meet your every need. When the Wing Box rolls in, you can be sure good things are going to happen. We take pride in our truck, our level of service, our cleanliness, and being on time!


Not Just Wings

Not feeling like wings today? Thats ok! Wing Box has an expanded menu that appeals to just about anyone. Try our Crispy Chicken Sandwich or our Bangin' Chicken Wrap. We also have an assortment of loaded fries, a kickin' Quesadilla, and tenders for the kids!

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