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In 2009, after 15 years in the Restaurant industry, our family launched the “Coco’s” brand in the form of a single Brick & Mortar location named “Coco’s Sandwich Shop”. Over the past 13 years, we have taken pride in serving quality, homemade latin cuisine at an affordable price. Many people say that “food is the way to their hearts” and we’ve shared so much love with our customers through that sentiment. From serving up a hot breakfast sandwich or lunch special, to catering lunches, weddings, personal and professional parties, and many other events, we’ve been honored to be a part of our customer’s life stories.


 In February of 2019, Carlos Jr. (Coco), launched Coco's Latin Cuisine Food Truck. What started out as a personal ambition and a yearning to expand the family business, has transformed into 3 full new product line and concepts. Since it's launch, Coco's Latin Cuisine has become one of the Tampa Bay Region's most popular and sought after food truck. From small events to Super Bowl appearances, we've done just about everything. With a menu featuring Sandwiches, Tacos, Loaded Tostones and more, it's hard to find a food truck with a more options.

After thriving during the Pandemic and helping to launch All About Food Trucks, a local food truck organization, Coco became hungry for a new concept. Partnering up with a lifelong friend, Adam Hendricks, Coco & Adam launched Coco's Hibachi Grill in April of 2022. Keeping the same formula that has made the other Coco's brands successful, Coco's Hibachi Grill uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients to craft an authentic Hibachi inspired menu and serves it at an affordable price. On this truck, Adam is the heartbeat and soul of the truck. He runs the day to day operations, serving Yakisoba Noodles, Hibachi Fried Rice, Grilled Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, and more to the masses. Since launch, we've taken the market by storm and now have 2 of the top performing food trucks in all of Tampa Bay!

A Brick & Mortar, 2 Food Trucks, and a booking agency.... What more could Coco want? How about a 3rd truck? Thats right! Coco has partnered with All About Food Trucks to run the day to day operations of a local favorite, Wing Box. Joe King, the founder and owner of Wing Box will be taking a year off to spend time with his newborn son and has put his trust in Coco and AAFT to help Wing Box reach new heights. Coco is personally invested in the success of this venture, so much so, that he will be running the day to day operations himself. Focusing on food quality, freshness, and value, Coco has tweaked the menu and will be serving up FRESH bone in wings, boneless wings, waffle fries, sandwiches, wraps, & more. Catch Wing Box cruising the streets beginning in September 2022.

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